Charles was born in Warsaw, Kentucky. From youth through academia, Charles possessed a diverse interest in the arts. His formal art training was during his years at the University of Cincinnati, though eventually he completed his law degree at the University of Kentucky. Charles major influences are Richard Diebenkorn, Jackson Pollock and Joan Mitchell. This is where his unusual color palette is derived.


“[On the purpose of work] where the viewer is compelled to experience all that is sensual in my work with resultant interaction is my ultimate achievement.” - Charles



Marks was born 1977 in Cincinnati, Ohio. He briefly attended the University of Alabama before realizing his aspirations for a career in art. The artist continues to educate himself with art books, exposure to museums and galleries, resulting in the discovery of a unique medium used in his works. Marks is known for his vibrant color palette and smooth, luminescent property. He is most influenced by his cognitive senses rather than past artists and contemporary surroundings. 




Carol Hu was born in Taipei, Taiwan in 1981. She received her formal art education at Mason Gross School of the Arts and a B.A. in Art History from Rutgers University. From exposure to the New York art scene in the late eighties, came a desire to make art a significant part of her life. For the past decade, Hu has consistently been a part of the background scene in galleries and museums in the New York area. Despite her lifelong pursuit of art, only recently has she begun to exhibit her own work.


Discouraged by an over reliance on confrontational materials and theoretical method, Hu exemplifies key elements of Abstract Expressionism with her color usage, composition and spontaneity of brush stroke. The artist adheres to the strict principle of solely applying paint to canvas and using few media. Possessing an extensive background in art history, she realizes the appreciation for traditional method. Much of her work is lighthearted, but meticulously executed.



Joshua Gage was born in 1980 in Lexington, Kentucky. A persistent interest in the arts led Gage to pursue painting, specifically in the Abstract Expressionist genre. The artist considers color and composition central elements in painting. His extensive travels to foreign countries, such as Japan, Spain and Morocco have introduced new palettes and forms of expression. Currently living in New York, Gage believes the city remains the art hub of the world.


Gage produces gritty, urban paintings, which allude to contemporary popular influences, from graffiti scrawl to graphic novels. His emphasis on these surroundings is evident in the use of monochromatic earth tones livened with neon colors. Gage is an artist also pursuing the field of international politics through journalism.


“Every painting is a landscape.” - Joshua Gage



A.J. Lynn was born in 1980 in Tampa, FL. She studied at and graduated from the University of South Florida.

A.J. Lynn’s passion is in the visual aesthetics of where texture meets composition. She conceptualizes space and sees the fortuity before she’s begun. Her artistic discovery comes from a love of her natural surroundings. Traveling to various settings and uncovering their beauty is part of her cultured process. The spiritual connection she has to nature is reflective in her work.


Ralph Turturro was born in New York. He received his B.A. from University of Wisconsin and his M.F.A. from Pratt Institute. Since then, he has participated in a residency at Constance Saltonstall Foundation for the Arts.

He is known for his contemporary tenebroso style. The primitive scrawls in Turturro’s work are about depth and texture. The color, texts and inadvertent images that grow out of his process of painting are tools he uses to discover a world as he describes as “eternally, cosmically and universally real.” He sees this process as similar to that of “an archeologist discovering found objects that send one reeling back and forth through time.” Communication through a visual is important to him. Some of Turturro’s major influences are Willem Dekooning, Jackson Pollock, and Cy Twombly. He has exhibited extensively in New York and San Francisco since 1989.


“Painting is something that continues to fill me with wonder and awe. It is a process not unlike like being an archeologist discovering found objects that send one reeling back and forth through time. Everyday it brings you closer to your mortality; demands that you face yourself for better or for worse; teaches you to accept and cherish loss as an indelible element of time; the unmitigated truth of it as well as it’s horrors and it’s beauty.” - Turturro

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