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We value the simple concept of appreciating the aesthetic of art and believe that through a unique color palette and strong composition, a statement can be made independent of confrontational subjects and conceptual materials.

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Owner and contributing artist, Charles (Chuck) Marksberry, founded Charles Harold Company in order to feature a unique group of artists he discovered and mentored. Over the past 20 years, the company has evolved and grown to be a major art source for the design industry, as well as for private collectors.



Our artists are established and emerging creators who have shown their work in premier galleries, as well as national art expositions.

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We are known for our dedication to large, abstract art. However, we have a vast collection of works that are diverse in medium, size and style.


Charles Harold Company art is purchased by high-profile designers and brands. Follow us on Instagram to view these spaces.



Visit our multiple locations in High Point, NC during High Point Market, or take a tour of the virtual showrooom to experience our art.



We're happy to work with you on a commissioned piece, pending a consultation.

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